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Dr. Wong is proud to announce that he is the new owner of Northgate Dental, Northgate Dental. Please enjoy our improved website and a bold new logo brand. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Helpful Tips Regarding Dental Health During Pregnancy

May 30, 2019
Most women understand how important it is to take care of themselves while they are pregnant. However, many women do not realize how important proper dental care is during pregnancy for the health of both the mother and the baby. Visiting the dentist before, during and after being pregnant is very

Sensitive Teeth and How To Combat Them

March 8, 2019
Tooth sensitivity occurs when the enamel that protects our teeth gets thinner and exposes the underlying surface, known as dentin, reducing the protection the enamel and gums provide to the tooth and root causing pain. In healthy teeth, enamel

Make It a Happy New Year For Your Teeth

January 9, 2019
People are already making new year resolutions like saving money, eating better, or starting a new business. Why not make one of your new year’s resolutions improving your dental health? Taking good care of your mouth, teeth and gums is a worthy goal in and of itself. Good oral and dental

Why Dental Checkups Are Essential

October 10, 2018
When it comes to healthy teeth, an ounce of prevention can go a long way. Regular checkups can help identify oral health issues early on before they become major problems later. These checkups help protect not only your oral health, but your overall health as well. Visiting your dentist

The Foundation to a Healthy Smile in 7 Simple Steps

June 20, 2017
What’s the one thing you remember most about a person when you first meet them? It’s their smile. This is one of the reasons we see so many people requesting a teeth whitening. But there is much more to a healthy smile than white teeth. You can follow designer whitening techniques

Is Sparkling Water Bad For Your Teeth?

July 17, 2018
Last year Americans spent $16 billion on sparkling water. That's a lot of bubbles! When ordinary water is too flat to enjoy, some of us turn to the sparkling variety. Is the satisfying fizz of your favorite sparkling water putting you at risk for tooth decay? Dentists have weighted in

10 Signs You Should See A Dentist

March 21, 2018
Going to the dentist for most kids happens every six months. But as we grew older many of us failed to follow through with regular visits. Blame it on a busy work schedule, a demanding social schedule or lifestyle. Oral health professionals agree you should

Which Tooth Restoration Procedure Is Right For You?

January 9, 2018
Tooth replacement has come a long way in the last 30 years. Missing or extracted teeth raise common concerns of infection and looks, but choosing the proper restoration procedure for you is the key to a confident smile for years to

6 Ways to Improve Your Smile

October 17, 2017
Cosmetic dentistry is more popular than ever, from whitening and shaping of teeth to closing spaces and replacing teeth completely. At Northgate Dental, we have a wide array of tools and techniques at our disposal for improving the look of your

How Smiling Effects Happiness

August 15, 2017
There’s a certain magic in your smile. Each time you smile you send out a positive visual message to someone. If a “picture is worth a thousand words”, so is a beautiful smile. Scientists have known for a long time that emotions are accompanied by numerous

5 Secrets To Healthier Teeth For Young Children

June 23, 2017
When the first teeth begin to show up in your child's mouth, you might feel concerned about giving them the right dental care, ensuring that their teeth remain white, clean and cavity-free. But proper dental care for kids involves more than just brushing their teeth every day.

Making Oral Care Cool For Teens

April 24, 2017
Making oral hygiene important or “cool” for teens is no easy task. As any parent knows it can be difficult to get a teenager to practice good oral hygiene, or to even take out the garbage. The teenage years are full

Stop Cavities In Their Tracks

March 20, 2017
The good news is that cavities are preventable. Thanks to years of education from parents, teachers, and dentists, we know that eating candy and drinking sugary drinks can contribute to cavities. For those who enjoy sugar

Our 30 Most Frequently Asked Dental Questions

October 13, 2016
Everyone has questions about going to the dentist and that's perfectly normal. So in this frequently asked dental questions post you'll find the 30 most common questions we're asked concerning our dental services, as well as some helpful tips and

How Preventive Dentistry Builds Healthy Smiles

October 12, 2016
Building and maintaining healthy smiles is our mission at Northgate Dental. And by following the practice of Preventive Dentistry, we care for your teeth to keep them healthy before, during, and after your appointment. We believe that oral health

Win a Free Teeth Whitening

October 7, 2016
When Dr. Cox decided to change her business name to Northgate Dental she realized it was similar to a Grand Opening! So she decided to celebrate with a FREE offer for current patients by giving away a Sinsational Smile teeth whitening with every friend referral

Cosmetic Options For Your Teeth

August 18, 2016
As we all know, a beautiful smile is an important asset. Not only do white teeth enhance your smile, but they make you feel more confident about your appearance

Giving Back To Charity Color Run

January 13, 2017
For Dr. Cox, supporting her favorite charity is an important part of giving back to the local community. That’s why she loves participating in the Color Run, a 5K event that promotes health and happiness by

Dr. Cox Extends Her Dental Knowledge

December 14, 2016
Dr. Cox takes her talents to the Dominican Republic. Making people smile and helping others have better experiences when “going to the dentist” is just as important to Dr. Cox as making sure that once they get there, the treatment fits their needs

Dental Health Care Starts Early

August 17, 2016
As family dentists we understand it’s never too early to start good oral hygiene habits and establish a thorough dental care routine, specifically brushing

Cerec Same Day Crowns

May 31, 2016
As a leading local dentist who has built her reputation on skill, compassion and knowledge, Dr. Cox always provides the latest in dental crown technology using the Cerec Same Day Crown system in just one appointment

Welcome to Northgate Dental

May 31, 2016
Our name is new, but our practice is not. Previously known as Catherine Cox DDS, we are proud to announce our new business name Northgate Dental. For over 25 years, Dr. Cox has had her name on the door